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11th Edition of the Let Them Schools Arts Festival at Let Them Village in Domboshava

Our festival this year will run from the 27th to the 29th of July, starting at 8:30am until 5pm. The five featured art categories will have different sub themes namely: Drama - ‘Statutory Rape’ -to further bring awareness and action to the global problem, Poetry, Visual Art & Fashion - Ubuntu (Realizing African-ism); musical acts will have a focus on the late musician Souljah Love and participants will be required to include at least 1 song of the late musician in their allotted 10-minute performance as a way to help young people further appreciate the evolution and establishment of Zimbabwe’s music industry by such music legends; and lastly Dance will embody the theme ‘Njabulo.’

Our program for this year’s festival is as follows:

  • 27 July 2023 – will feature Theatre, Poetry, Traditional music and Dance and for the Primary Schools.

  • 28 July 2023 - will feature Theatre, Poetry and Dance for the Secondary Schools.

  • 29 July 2023 – will feature Music performances (Primary & Secondary Schools) where a full technical rider will need to be provided.

  • MUSIC (10mins), THEATRE (10mins), POETRY (2mins 30secs), DANCE (5mins) VISUAL ART (on continuous display over the 3-day festival)

Get more information at , or Call/WhatsApp +263772506506

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