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The LET THEM VILLAGE is our most ambitious undertaking to date. We have secured 15 hectares (37 acres) of land in Domboshava, just 30km from Harare, where we will build a residential arts village to celebrate Zimbabwean heritage and culture. The impressive granite hill at Domboshava is a National Monument of Zimbabwe and a tourist attraction that attracts thousands of visitors each year to hike, have picnics and explore its caves that contain 6000-year-old paintings.


Our plans are already well underway and include:

·      Accommodation and catering for 200 guests

·      A 300 capacity amphitheatre.

·      A market garden and small scale farm.

·      Educational, workshop, recreational and sporting facilities.


The LET THEM VILLAGE will be a charitable, community and commercial facility aimed at schools, churches, youth associations, clubs and even corporate companies looking to experience a traditional, sustainable off-grid lifestyle. The LET THEM VILLAGE will be our new home; a dynamic, year-round hub that taps into the ethos of our work in schools and the LET THEM FESTIVAL.


The inclusion of a garden and small-scale farm will provide students training in traditional horticultural practices, as well as provide sustainable food sources for visitors during their stay.

In addition to this, we plan to construct a building in which children from the local

community can attend communal school classes.

other activities at the village


Our contacts within the Zimbabwean cultural sector are extensive and workshops in music (mbira, hosho, marimba), theatre, poetry and ngano (storytelling) will feature some of the country’s leading artists.


The LET THEM VILLAGE will both practise and teach traditional horticultural techniques, helping visitors understand the vast wealth of knowledge stored in our collective national memory.


The LET THEM VILLAGE will celebrate traditional rural living, enabling an appreciation of a sustainable life lived in harmony with the local ecosystem.



The great rock at Domboshava is a topographical marvel and national treasure that looms large over the landscape and in the Zimbabwean imagination. Expert tours from the LET THEM village will introduce visitors to the area’s geological and cultural history.The Site has spectacular granite geological formations and a cave with late Stone-Age rock paintings.  Major attractions include an Interpretive Centre, dusty rural landscapes, the rock art panels, sacred forests and wooded vegetation. The name is derived from dombo meaning "hill" and shava (pronounced shawa) meaning "red", literally translated as ‘the red rock.’ Probably the red and yellow lichens are where Domboshava derived its name. 

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