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njabulo (injabulo) - Nbebele/Zulu noun

translation: joy, happiness, pleasure, humour

In our 11th year of The Festival and our 2nd year at the picturesque Domboshava Village we are invoking all the blessings that our ancestors have bestowed onto us by once again gathering to present all the creativity that abounds amongst us. Having performed the Nhuruka Ceremony earlier in the year we now converge once again on The Hill to witness schools from all over Zimbabwe and beyond showcase art and creativity that exhudes joy, happiness, pleasure and humour. This year's theme: Njabulo encompasses all of these emotional states and we intend to embrace them.

All participants get your acts ready and all audiences

get ready to be wowed and tickled pink!


Our festival this year will run from the 27th to the 29th of July, starting at 8:30am until 5pm. The five featured art categories will have different sub themes namely: Drama - ‘Statutory Rape’ -to further bring awareness and action to the global problem, Poetry, Visual Art & Fashion - Ubuntu (Realizing African-ism); musical acts will have a focus on the late musician Souljah Love and participants will be required to include at least 1 song of the late musician in their allotted 10-minute performance as a way to help young people further appreciate the evolution and establishment of Zimbabwe’s music industry by such music legends; and lastly Dance will embody the theme ‘Njabulo.’

Get more information at , or Call/WhatsApp +263772506506


the let them annual schools arts festival 10th  anniversary plus Carnival Roadshow and
5km & 10km Marathon to the Let Them Trust Village

fun in domboshava!

Live music performances.

Dance & Visual Arts theme: Tambai

Drama & Poetry theme: Child Trafficking

Time: 7am-5pm  Date: 30 July 2022


Born in 2012, the Let Them Schools Arts Festival held the very first event at Churchill Boys High with 12 participating schools. It grew over the years into a 2 day festival hosting up to 75 schools at a national and regional level. The festival was held at the Agricultural Show Ground Fun Park Area for 3 years, at Ellis Robins and at Harare Polytechnic for 3 years. 


Schools and participatings acts from Botswana Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe have graced this festival with over 38000 watching their peers performing. Upcoming and Renowned artists have donated their services to not only perform but to also mentor participating schools. A number of brands and various organizations have sponsored our festival to ensure that students have a platform to perform and learn from seasoned acts.

During 2020 and 2021 when a physical festival was impossible to host we did not stop. We held online festivals that enabled us to host international acts and audiences. Our theme for 2020 was Unlocked because no lock down was going to stop us forging ahead.

In 2021 we streamlined our acts due to Covid 19 and the lockdowns that were put into place. We selected 5 acts, all aged between 8 and 19 years of age, from Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo, filmed them on location at the Let Them Village in Domboshava and packaged their material for online broadcast.


This year marks our 10th anniversary and our Theme is Tambai. Our platform is a space where we Let Them Play but learn whilst at play.  This event is made more special by hosting it at the festival's final home:

The Let Them Trust Village.